Battle System Rework Update

by on Sep 27 2017 @ 4:49 PM
  • Units now take all of their actions at once, rather than one per unit over several round.
  • You can now do the move and action phase simultaneously.
  • Since units attack after movement, moving a unit will remove all of a unit's attacks from the queue.
  • Clicking Move again will reset a unit to its original position that turn.
  • Added padding to some UI elements to prevent clicking the tiles underneath them.
  • Added Sorceress unit to test battle as an ally

We received feedback from a lot of people saying that the battle system was far too slow.  We decided to take several measures to try and make the game feel quicker and more fluid.

The first problem was the separate Move and Action queue.  Since you couldn't see actions until after movement, it was a lot harder to strategize.  Combining the two phases made it possible for players to undo and redo moves while seeing all the different actions their units are able to take.  It also allowed us to remove the player movement animation phase, effectively halving inactive game time.

Next, we changed the way unit actions are ordered.  In the old battle system, units performed 1 action per round, with the camera panning to each unit as their did their action.  After all units did their action 1, then round 2 begin and all units performed their action 2.  This made the camera dizzying and slowed the game down remarkably.  We decided to change it so units perform all of their actions (prioritized by unit AGI) before moving onto the next unit.

We also debuted a new ally unit, Sorceress.  Unfortunately since we don't have any FX for magic, she can only smash boxes at the moment.