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1. Who are you?

  We are Three Bards Entertainment Studios.  We provides games and related services to our registered users.

2. What is this contract?

  This contract is our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.  Agreeing to this contract is required to use our service.

3. What is an account?

  An account is required to access the games and services in our Universe.  You must be over 18 years of age, or over 13 years of age ifyour parent or legal guardian has reviewed and accepted these terms.

4.  What are the rules?

  First of all, please respect follow the laws in your country and our country (the United States).  Illegal activity on our service will not be tolerated.  

  In addition to applicable laws and common sense etiquette, please do not do any of the following:

    a.  Impersonate a staff member
    b.  Transmit unauthorized advertisement or spam
    c.  Mess with our servers or network
    d.  Stalk, harass, threaten, or reveal personal information of other users
    f.  Scam, cheat or abuse exploits
    h.  Take any action that ruins the experience for other users

  You may have the opportunity to encounter and share things with other users during your time on our service.  Any content on our service should be considered publically available with no expectation of privacy.  We are not responsible for any content that our users post.

  In addition to applicable laws and common sense etiquette, please do not post any of the following:

    a.  Unlawful, libelous, defamatory, abusive, or fraudulant content.
    b.  Mature content outside of 18+ only areas.
    c.  Content that impersonates another person or invades the privacy rights of others.
    d.  Unsolicited advertsiement or political campaigning
    e.  Viruses, malware, and any other file that causes damage to a user's device

5.  What do you do with my data?

  We collect your name, email address, and region on registration.  We don't require real information, just be sure to remember it in case of account recovery.   You will need a working email address for account activation.  We do not disclose, trade, or sell any personal information to third party vendors.

  We use Google Analytics.  We also record certain actions you take in our game for future product development.  Keep this in mind when you are playing the game.

6.  What about copyright?  Can I make fanwork?

  We own and reserve all rights of the website, games, software, and service that we provide.  We permit the use of our copyrighted material in creative non-commercial projects.  

  For commercial use, please obtain permission from us.

7.  Do you run ads?

  We may run advertisements or promotions on our service.  However, we are not responsible for whatever happens between you and the third party.

8.  How do you deal with money?

  We provide both both free and paid ways to access our games.  Our games may contain in-game currency with microtransactions.  This currency has no monetary value and is non-transferrable.

  All payment is handled by an authorized third party service, so none of your sensitive data is stored on our service.

9.  Does this game cover controversial issues?

  We create games that cover a multitude of topics, including topics that some may deem controversial.  Although this is never our intent, you may be subject to emotional distress.

  All of our games are works of fiction.  Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

10. What if this game breaks my device?

  Up to the maximum extent permitted by applicable mandatory law, we are not liable for any damages caused to you, your device, or your data as a result of you playing our game.

11.  Any legal issues I should know about?

  If you break the law while using our service, you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from your actions.  We do not tolerate illegal activity on our service.

12.  Anything else?

  That's it for now.  If we make any changes to our Terms of Service, we will notify you by email.